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Take a further look into what Supervision I can provide

"A specialist form of professional mentoring for practitioners responsible for undertaking challenging work with people. Supervision is provided to ensure standards, enhance quality, advance learning, stimulate creativity, and support the sustainability and resilience of the work being undertaken."
Good Practice in Action 054, 2016b

We recognise that our role as a supervisor can vary depending on the needs and experience of the therapist.

Whether you are experienced, recently qualified or still training and just starting client work, we will adapt and so provide the multipole roles necessary for a good supervisory experience.

Who We Provide Supervision To

Cousellors/Psychotherapists who work with:

  • Adults
  • Adolescents
  • Children & Young People

Our Experience of
Clinical Supervision

We work with:

  • Counsellors/Psychotherapists still in training

  • Counsellors/Psychotherapists recently qualified

  • Counsellors/Psychotherapists working towards accreditation

  • Peer supervision

  • Group supervision

  • Agency supervision

I have worked with many different practitioners under many different circumstances. Please get in touch to discuss your options.

Supervision options

Supervision is available at The Octagon or Kingston St. Mary

  • Individual (face to face)
  • Group (by arrangement)
  • Telephone
  • Skype/Zoom

Prices & Payment

Whatever your supervisory needs or concerns please call to discuss.

Starting at £45 per hour (concessions are applied for students, volunteer counsellors and counsellors requiring in excess of 1.5 hrs per month)

  • Student rates available on application
  • Volunteer counsellor rates available on applications
  • Counsellors requiring an excess of 1.5 hrs per month qualify for concession rates
  • Rates for group supervision arranged on application

Payments to be made prior or on completion of supervision.

Organisations can be invoiced directly on a monthly basis.

Preferred payment method: BACS, Cash or Cheque

Two vital aspects of supervision are the welfare of the client and the development of the supervisee

There is also more than one way for clinical supervision to be conducted. As a supervisor, I am open, approachable, kind and empathic.  I always strive to embrace the following principles in my work:

  • To establish a relationship with my supervisees.
  • To understand and implement the multiple roles of a supervisor such as; consultant, mentor, teacher, model, counsellor and evaluator.
  • To monitor supervisees development.
  • To be flexible and try to meet the different needs of each supervisee by adapting my role and style to meet each supervisees’ learning requirements and level.
  • To monitor the supervisees’ approach to clients, offering guidance and to be supportive for ongoing learning.
  • To support supervisees in maintaining a quality of service to their clients
  • To work within a supervision model/s giving a structure to the supervisory process.
  • To undertake my own supervision
  • To continue with my own professional development.